TVA's Fuel Cost Adjustment

In the coming months, MU customers may experience an increase in their energy bill as a result of TVA’s Fuel Cost Adjustment (FCA). This is a pass through charge from TVA and is set to cover the fluctuating cost of fuel that TVA uses to generate electricity. This rate varies monthly and MU has no control over this charge and does not retain any portion of it. During extreme weather, customers may use more energy than usual to cool or heat their homes, which results in TVA using more fuel to provide electricity. The most effective way MU customers can offset increased energy costs is by reducing the amount of electricity they use. Visit to find our energy saving tips for the summer.

Most importantly, we want you to be aware of the FCA change and know that we understand the impact this has on our customers. Our outstanding Customer Service Staff is here to help and provide resources to our customers. Here are ways we can help:

  • Douglas Cherokee/Central Services
  • Payment extensions – Through the end of the year, if customers are out of extensions we can give an additional extension if needed. 
  • Extended Payment Extensions (aka Short Term Deferrals )- Interest free for 3 months additional condition may apply. Must sign, either in office or via email. 
  • MUS FlexPay – ask a customer service associate if this is the right option for you.


Call or email us with questions 423-586-4121 or