Solar Energy: The Power of Nature

Are you considering Solar? Talk to MU first to prevent losing money instead of saving!

Message to Our Customers

                Morristown Utilities fully supports the advancement of renewables, like solar power, and the industries that provide them.  Through conversations with other customers like you, we have become aware that a number of you have been approached about making those investments as a way to almost eliminate your power bill.  However, not all vendors are as forthcoming with the whole picture.  We respect that some of you may want to support green initiatives regardless of the cost, and that some are investing with the expectation of a return on your investment (ROI). 

            A solid ROI is dependent on a number of factors and MU is here to protect you by providing the answers you need to make wise decisions for that ROI.  We encourage you to speak with our staff for expert advice before you make a sizeable long term financial investment with solar.  Systems are being sold without the consumer fully understanding the factors at play, such as: 

                · panels only produce when the sun is shining

                · without storage much of the generation benefit can be lost

                · tax incentives help but do not pay for the system

                · you will still have an electric bill

                · safety considerations require interconnection responsibilities


To speak with someone at MU on your upcoming solar project, call 423-317-6397 or email


As well as speaking with MU, below are two applications that can provide you with guidance on solar installation benefits.  If you use these, enter $0.10 per kWh for the evaluation.