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MUS will release our new Website soon. It will be a sleek new design allowing easy access in a more customer friendly format.
A new customer portal will be also available to securely pay your bill, review your usage in graph format, update your account information, and so much more. Stay tuned!


Energy Effeciency
What is inexpensive, readily available to everyone and the purest form of sustainability AND can help you save money? It’s ENERGY EFFICIENCY!

Morristown Utility Systems has serviced this communities needs since 1901. We know energy. That is why MUS is making energy efficiency and programs that encourage it our TOP PRIORITY!

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We are pleased to announce that on December 6th, users of MUS FiberNET ( Hosted Email will be getting an upgraded Webmail experience! You have one or more email accounts and you will be receiving the new upgraded service. Please continue reading below.

New Webmail
On December 6th a new webmail platform will be available to all customers. The old webmail platform that you may be using today is scheduled to be retired on December 6th.
All of your email, contacts and any calendar, notes and tasks information will be copied over to the new system.
The new webmail platform will have a brand new look and feel and it will be packed with new features. It will also be faster and easier to use. You should not worry about your emails, folders and contacts. Everything will be in its place when your first log in to the new Webmail.
If you normally check your email with an email program on Windows such as Outlook or MacOS, no changes are required on your part.
This new modern webmail solution will provide enhancements and new features for all users.
This article summarizes all the changes and provides all the information you need for a quick and seamless transition.

Top New Features

1. A brand new look and feel: the new webmail is modern looking, faster and a lot more intuitive.
2. Mobile sync for calendar and address book: The most awaited feature. Webmail now supports mobile-desktop sync.
3. Conversation threads: conversations can now be grouped together. You have the option to display conversations as lists or threads.
4. Cloud storage for files: A very Dropbox-y way to manage your files. Upload, share, password protect and set an expiry date for links.
5. A better HTML editor: the new editor offers users more options to format messages.
6. Identity management with HTML supported signatures: manage multiple profiles and create HTML signatures for each profile.
7. Extensive address book fields: more fields for you to keep your contacts organized.
8. Ability to reorder columns: You can move columns around to customize your inbox.
9. Spam Filtering will be twofold. Presently our current SPAM filter solution has time remaining on the contract and will be in place until it runs the course of its contract length. The new system however also has SPAM filtering integrated directly into webmail which will allow you to manage your spam settings for the new system within the webmail client. The current SPAM filtering system will continue to run and notify you with your daily digest at least until March 2017.
10. A much better webmail experience.

Periodic notifications will be sent out to customers in the next few days as a reminder. We are updating our support information and our support teams have been trained on the new system. A comprehensive help file is currently online here:

Customers that use email on desktop programs like Outlook or via their smartphone/tablet email programs will not be affected by this change other than the inability to access email during the migration process which could take several hours on Tuesday, December 6th. No settings will need to be changed by these users.

Please NOTE: Users that have passwords which include the "#" symbol will need to change and update their password prior to December 4th as this character is not allowed by the new system.

Please let us know if you have any questions by emailing or call 423-586-4121, Option #2.

Morristown Designated as
'Connected Community'

City officials and business leaders gathered this morning to celebrate the announcement of Morristown becoming one of only 17 communities in the nation to be designated as a “connected community.”
The designation was a part of a long partnership with Morristown Utility Systems, the Morristown Area Chamber of Commerce and Connected Tennessee, the state’s broadband initiative created in 2007 to improve economic development and increased access through wireless connectivity.
The three entities spent months researching and analyzing data in relation to the availability, ease and access of Morristown’s broadband services.
Executive Director of Connected Tennessee Corey Johns said connectivity is becoming more important every day in terms of competitiveness in the global economy.
“Today is a landmark day for Morristown and for Tennessee as you join a very elite and select club to have that opportunity to be a connected community. There are very few places in the world that has the assets that Morristown has, Johns said.
“If we truly want a vibrant economy in Tennessee and we want to be competitive on the world stage and we want to be a place that’s a world class community where the best companies want to expand and locate, then we have to have a world class infrastructure and a digitally literate workforce,” Johns said.
With Morristown’s high-speed broadband network, FiberNet, MUS General Manager Jody Wigington said the company is proud to be involved in the project but the recognition goes elsewhere.
“It’s the commitment of our residents who take broadband services. It’s your support that’s laid the optical foundation to meet tomorrows needs,” Wigington said. “I don’t think there’s a better place in the state of Tennessee for a business or a resident to locate than here in Morristown. This is exactly the vision city council, our board and state legislators had in 2005 and they led the way.”
Alyson Ferine, the State Operations Manager for Connected Tennessee, explained how Morristown was able to receive the designation.
Ferine said Connected Tennessee helps the community go through a 120-point scoring assessment that analyzes existing providers, what facilities are in place, broadband options, the awareness of residents and how broadband is used in government.
The assessment scores communities based on three main criteria of access, adoption and use worth 40 points each. Morristown scored respectively 40, 36 and 39 for a total of 115, which Ferine said was an amazing score and speaks volumes of the commitment of leaders in the community.
“There are 165 communities engaged in the program in states such as Ohio, Michigan, Texas and South Carolina. Out of those communities only 17 are designated as connected communities, Morristown being one of them. So this is a big deal and it has been a heavy lift,” Ferine said.
Besides a new road sign displaying the designation, Ferine said Morristown would now be elevated on a national platform that showcase the community to potential site selectors and show Morristown’s enhanced infrastructure.
“The designation is not the end. There’s always more work to be done,” Ferine said.
Ferine acknowledged some priority projects or things to come in the future that came out of the assessment including hosting a technology summit, improving education through digital learning and pursuing next generation 911 upgrades.
Morristown Mayor Danny Thomas added some statistics he learned had came out of the assessment.
Thomas said 100 percent of Morristown households have access to broadband Internet. Out of the four providers in the area Morristown has for broadband, 80 percent of residents have availability to at least two of those providers.
Thomas said the certification will be an asset to workforce development.
“It’s another tool we have to bring our workforce up to the standards we need to bring in new industry and supply the workforce for the existing industry. I’m impressed with the changes in education that you can in your own time and own pace get a college degree even while working. That’s very important. Couple that with out city’s existing institutions for learning and that’s very powerful,” Thomas said.
State Sen. Steve Southerland said the honor is all about the community working together for the better. He acknowledged the broadband supplies and thanked them for co-operating to make the designation possible.
Chamber President Marshall Ramsey said what the designation means going forward is in economic development and future projects.
“Every industry we get to look at our area request broadband connectivity and we can show them this. Our area has always been a regional hub for retail and healthcare and this exemplifies our commitment to continuing that as well. When site selectors look for something, this is the nugget that sets us apart,” Ramsey said.
Ramsey said the Chamber will use the certification to market the community to potential industries and others.
He also noted that the initiative was through the Morristown Utility’s Commission’s forward thinking and risk taking early on.
“You see about six or seven utilities in the state doing this and they knew it was a risk. A lot are unsuccessful at it so that really justifies the commitment our utilities have made here. I think a lot of people who in the community are pleased with their broadband offers and the affordability we have because of healthy competition,” Ramsey said.

-By Chris Phipps, Tribune Staff Writer


Need for Speed: City Utilities Fight to Offer Internet

Please click the link below to view WBIR's article and news footage on how Morristown and Chattanooga have chosen to provide high speed Internet as a utility, and the progress that it is continuing to provide for each community.

Watch video


Warning Scam
We want to make customers aware of a recent phone scam. Customers are being contacted by someone stating they are with another utility company and are contracted by MUS to disconnect service for non-pay. They tell the customers they can avoid the disconnection by paying over the phone. They may contact you several times in this effort. THIS IS A SCAM!! Morristown Utility Systems does NOT call customers in an effort to obtain payment over the phone before disconnection. We do NOT contract disconnection of service with any other company. If you feel your account at MUS may have a problem you can contact MUS during regular business hours at 423-586-4121. If you are contacted by anyone stating to be representatives of MUS, or working on behalf of MUS, requesting payment this is a scam and you should contact the local police.


Morristown Utility Systems does not endorse the Water Service Line Coverage Insurance policy that is being mailed to customers in this area. It is a separate service from MUS and a customer decision.


Emergency Information

Morristown Utility Systems makes every possible effort to provide inexpensive and reliable electric and water service to our customers. However, on occasion a power outage affecting you may occur. Several factors may be the reason for these outages. Some of the most common reasons are automobile accidents involving power poles, fallen trees or limbs on the lines, and storms.

If you are experiencing an outage, please click here for more information.


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